pLasmid DNA Purification

Our plasmid DNA purification service produces endotoxin-free DNA suitable for downstream molecular biology applications including transfections (for research purposes only).

Select the scale corresponding to the amount of purified DNA you require.

Prior to ordering please contact us so we can arrange to receive your plasmid DNA.

  • Giga (> 3.0 mg plasmid DNA)
  • Maxi (> 1.0 mg plasmid DNA)
  • Midi ( > 200 micrograms plasmid DNA)


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Apheon Bioscience offers plasmid DNA purification services in different scales (corresponding to Giga, Maxi, and Midi scale) to help streamline your life sciences research. Our plasmid purification yields transfection-grade DNA that is suitable for the most sensitive molecular biology applications, including DNA subcloning, PCR, transformation, and transfections.  In order to obtain this service you must arrange to submit an E. coli strain with your plasmid DNA or a aliquot of purified plasmid.  Please contact us for more information or before ordering.  Orders can not be processed until we have arranged to receive your plasmid.

Yields may vary depending on the plasmid copy number.

Plasmid DNA purified at Apheon Bioscience is for research purposes only and is shipped frozen.

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Giga (> 3 milligrams), Maxi (>1 milligrams), Midi (> 200 micrograms)