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Competent Cells

We offer a wide selection of affordable competent cells for routine cloning, protein expression, phage display and library construction.  Our competent cells undergo outstanding quality control to ensure they are of the highest quality, so your laboratory cloning is streamlined.

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We specialize in custom plasmid construction.  Contact us today so we can help streamline your recombinant DNA pipeline and improve you cloning efficiency.

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Magnetic Beads

Our magnetic beads offer unsurpassed performance for immune-isolation procedures.  High-affinity binding coupled with low background ensures consistent results that reduce time to discovery.  In addition to our Protein A and Protein G beads we offer ChIP-Right beads for improved epigenetics research. We also offer custom designed beads to meet your ever-growing research requirements.

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Antibody Catalog

We offer a collection of polyclonal, monoclonal, and recombinant antibodies for molecular biology research purposes.  Plus, we have an animal free antibody discovery pipeline that allow us to select an antibody-based target affinity which we can develop into a recombinant monoclonal antibody.  Please contact us if you have a difficult target in need of a quality antibody.

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