10-Beta High-Efficiency Chemically Competent

10B cells are an ideal competent cell line useful of all types of cloning.

  • 5 x 200ul Aliqouts for upto 20 transfromations
  • 1 x 10^7 Efficiency
  • Ideal for routine cloning
  • Genotype: F mcrA Δ(mrrhsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80dlacZΔM15 ΔlacX74 endA1 recA1 deoR Δ(ara,leu)7697 araD139 galgalnuprpsL λ
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Apheon Bioscience’s Aphe10B Chemical Competent cells are optimized for high efficiency transfromations. Cells are ideal for routine cloning (We recommend Aphe10B Electrocompetent cells for DNA library preparations). The Aphe10B genotype is similar to other commonly used 10 beta competent cells offering blue/white selection on agar plates containing X-gal. They also provide high yield and high quality plasmid DNA preparations for subsequent experiments.

Download Product information sheet and protocol for Aphe10B Chemically competent Cells.