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Streamline your cloning with Golden Gate Vectors

  • Golden Gate Cloning is the most cost-effective and time-efficient cloning method available.   
  • We offer a collection of Golden Gate cloning vectors to meet your molecular biology needs.
  • Vectors designed for Mammalian Expression (pMExp) and Bacterial Expression (pBE).
  • Flexability of vectors allows you to choose a Promoter, Epitope Tag, and Selectable Marker.
  • pMExp series supports immunological detection (FLAG, HA, MYC or V5) or visualization (eGFP, eYFP, dsRed, or mCherry)
  • pBEA and pBEK series supports ectopic expression (T7 or tac) and purification (GST, MBP, 6HIS) in E. coli 

Switch to the most efficient cloning method available!

Golden Gate Cloning Tutorial

Golden Gate Cloning is a one-step, high-efficiency directional cloning method that is the easiest and least expensive cloning solution available. Golden Gate Cloning allows convenient insertion of DNA into a plasmid using Type IIS restriction enzymes and T4 DNA ligase in a single reaction tube containing the plasmid and insert. The TypeIIS restriction enzyme BsaI cut outside it’s recognition sequence and is non-palindromic allowing the restriction enzyme and ligase to function together to seamlessly assemble the fragment and vector into the proper clone with zero background colonies.

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