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Cloning with Custom Vectors

Cloning is often an arduous, expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone exercise that robs researchers of valuable time and money for more value-added research. Do It Yourself (DIY) cloning makes you less competitive and costs more than outsourcing with Apheon.

Consider the work and money that goes into a simple cloning experiment. Researchers must spend time designing and ordering primers, purchasing expensive cloning kits, enzymes, and competent cells – none of which get fully used – only to toil at the bench for a week or longer. One must generate the insert and vector, set up the reaction, perform the transformation, screen colonies, isolate plasmid DNA, sequence and analyze the clones.


We offer cloning with custom vectors to save you time and money.  If our current cloning solutions do not meet your needs, we are more than happy to develop a custom cloning solution.  You can use the vector in your own workflow or add it to system to simply your cloning workflow.


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