Paramagnetic Beads

ChIP-Right Magnetic Beads

Our ChIP-Right beads have a recombinant antibody variable domain coupled to a paramagnetic bead offering superior performance in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation experiments.

Maximize your research with custom-designed magnetic beads.

Improve your research with ChIP-Right and IP-Right magnetic beads.

  • Immunoprecipitation experiments are reliant on high quality magnetic beads. Bad magnetic beads increase background noise and weak signal strength.
  • Our ChIP-right and IP-right beads are designed to maximize the antibody-antigen recovery which improves your experimental results.
  • We also offer custom beads development.   

Let Your Immunoprecipitations Blossom with Custom Bead Development

We specialize in custom bead development using our antibody engineering pipeline. We have partnership opportunities for antibody-bead development. We are in need a partner to test our CD4+ and CD8+ cell isolation beads. Please contact us for more information or request a free sample.

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