Lentivirus Cloning

Streamline Your Lentiviral Work

-With error-free lentivirus cloning services.


  • Save time, prevent errors, and ensure your lentiviral construct has the elements you need with Design as You Order.
  • Choose from different combinations. Just enter your DNA sequence, select from the lentiviral promoter, selectable markers, immunological epitopes, fluorescent fusion proteins, or affinity tags with less work than ordering a single primer.
  • No hidden costs! Just $0.18 per nucleotide for your insert. $180 for a 1 kb insert it costs less than a cloning kit and doing it yourself.
  • Perfect for viral transduction in mammalian cells.
  • All Lentiviral constructs come with whole-plasmid sequencing and alignment ensures your construct is correct.
  • Deliverables include a stab and plasmid DNA (no need to retransform)
  • Automatic Quotes Generated at Checkout

Obtain better results in your cell culture system using Lentivirus. Benefit from a complete lentivirus cloning service (design, construction, and confirmation) to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Custom Lentivirus Vector Onboarding

Contact us to onboard custom vectors if our current selection of vectors do not meet your needs. Chances are we can do it for free.