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Antibody Development


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Improve Your Antibody Research

Apheon Biosciences offers custom antibody engineering services.

  • Biomarker Discovery and Lead Optimization
  • Custom phage display library construction
  • Phage display screening
  • CDR and antibody optimization

Accelerate Drug Discovery with Biomarker and Lead Identification

  • We have a biomarker discovery platform that profiles disease states based on antigenicity, finds disease causing antigens/biomarkers, and recovers corresponding antibody leads.
  • Leads can be reversed engineered into recombinant human monoclonal therapies, antibody drug conjugates or used for your application.
  • The platform can be deployed for precision medicine serving as both a diagnostic and guide to treatment decisions.

Immune Response

Generate antibodies to crude sample of disease tissue/state

Library Construction

Make antibody library, select & counter-select to obtain specific antibodies

Biomarker Discovery

Recover all the selected antibodies and use them to profile for biomarkers (IP-MS)

Lead Biologic Recovery

Use antigens as bait to find corresponding antibody

Biologics Development

Reverse engineer into a human monoclonal antibody therapy