Specializing in Difficult Targets

Our goal at Apheon is to assist you in your antibody research by providing unsurpassed antibody specificity and reproduciblilty.

Antibodies designed to maximize your research

  • Apheon Biosciences offers a collection of polyclonal and recombinant antibodies that have been thoroughly tested and in some instances, designed and selected to recognize a specific target.

Animal-free recombinant antibody development

  • Antibodies are typically generated by immunizing animals with a protein antigen, then total serum, or monoclonal producing cells are used as the antibody source.  This solution is suitable provided there is a good immune response by the animal, and high-affinity antibodies are routinely generated.  But there is no guarantee because not all protein antigens elicit a good immune response. Bad antibodies give bad results, and scientists are stuck dealing with high background reactivity with potentially weeks to months of careful optimization.
  • Our antibody development is different in that we have a collection of high-affinity antibodies to 1000s of different target proteins that were developed in lab, without the use of animals.
  • We can use our framework to generate recombinant antibodies of your protein target and “fish out” high affinity antibodies for your research, lessing your work load while providing you better data.
  • Let us work for you to find the best antibody.

Struggling with Bad Antibodies?

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If you have difficult target and are in need of a good antibody please contact us to see how we can help.

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