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About Us

Apheon Biosciences is committed to help drive research innovation

We are an early-stage biotechnology start-up committed to advancing antibody-based research and development of immune-therapies using our state-of-the-art antigen identification and lead recovery process.  We are also committed to applying our platform to improve commercial research antibody applications and overall general research using antibodies.  If you have questions about our products or offerings, or are interested in strategic partnerships please contact us.

Precision Cloning

We offer a variety of cloning products and services to support academic and industry research and synthetic biology.

Antibody Development

Our antibody development pipeline produces superior antibodies for research and clinical applications.

Disease Profiling

We profile disease states based on antigenicity indentifying biomarkers and generating biologic leads.

Molecular Biology Support

We support molecular biology research through a variety of product offering to enhance research data acqusition.